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Alpaca And Alpha Alphabet BookFrom A for Alligators and Aardvarks all the way to Z for Zebra The Alpaca And Alpha Alphabet Book introduces preschoolers and young children to the alphabet in an easy-to-read, fun-filled way.Charming verses,  Ducks and dolphins swim with delight. Deer and dogs dance in the light. But dragons dream in the dark of the night , and big graphical illustrations of alphabet letters are paired with a multitude of animals – some familiar, some exotic to bring the love of reading to the youngest minds. Even some parents may not recognize some of the animals peeking out from the pages.

Dr. Gerald Young, PhD., has created this book with the idea that a child’ s natural love of learning and reading (one of the world’ s greatest pleasures) opens up a bright future to eager minds. This engaging book will spark the minds of any age into numerous wonderful directions.

For ages 2 and up.

I hope you enjoy the book and invite you to read the rest of the series.
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