You Can Rejoin Joy: Blogging for Today’s Psychology

Rejoining Joy seems like a hard task, but these blogs from Psychology Today show you that it’s possible and how to do it. Most of the blogs are from 2011, with some from 2012.

Sections I and II introduce the topic and help you achieve your goals. In Section III, I provide inspirational sayings. Sections IV to VI help with your relationships and how to change. Sections VII and VIII are personal perspectives meant to inspire. Sections IX and X are about applications.

Today’s Psychology is a book that is positive and hopeful for you as the reader. It is based on scientific approaches. As a  practitioner, in the book I try to be sensitive to your needs.

Dr. Gerald Young is an Associate Professor Psychology at Glendon College, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is also a practicing psychologist dealing with rehabilitation and with counseling. “There is unity in my university teaching, my research, my practice, and the self-help book series.”

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