Joy Young

Joy Young has been drawn to the world of color since she was a child.  Her expressive nature led her to bring her inner world of dancing color to the stage as a musical performer.  However, through her own life’s hardship she chose to use her abilities to help others.

She became a Yoga Instructor, an Expressive Arts Therapist, and a Reiki Master.

She realized that by combining her skills — her yogic breath, her therapeutic listening skills, and her love of life — she could create a unique and safe healing adventure, which, she now further shares with those who come to see her as a practitioner.

Joy dedicates much of her time to her own artistic endeavors.  Her painting collection is based on the concept:

“Dare to face the self, leave the past behind and move on to something new, something more modern, something you.  Rather than being run around by life, ‘CHOOSE YOUR WAY IN LIFE!’  It’s all in the perception anyway.”

Her Artwork, whether it is by song, dance, drum, paint, word, or breath,  simply reflects these words.


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