Rejoining Joy is a series of eight self-help books that help you Regain Joy
and Keep It!

You learn how to reduce negatives, increase positives, and improve relations
and love.

Not your typical self-help books, the Rejoining Joy series deals with a range of daily issues, from raising children to functioning well at work.

Rejoining Joy not only tells you how to be more positive, happy, or better, but also the books share strategies and techniques on how to accomplish these and related goals, and in most realistic ways.

Begin with the Rejoining Joy – Snapshots, a free 17-page e-book filled with summaries of the best of Rejoining Joy. Or you could start with purchasing the book The Best of Rejoining Joy

To keep you motivated and inspired, please visit my blog regularly,  and my new video section, where I share my passions and the skills that I have learned and developed through years of private practice and as a university professor.

I invite you to return often to this website and my books, so that you can continue to find multiple pathways to help and healing on your journey to Rejoining Joy! 

Other Books By Dr. Young:

Kids will love this, and parents, too!

Wendy Lou Saxon PhD:

I purchased Rejoining Joy by Dr Gerald Young for my cousin to use to help her grandchildren cope with their mother’s breast cancer. As a workbook in intelligent hands, this marvelous tome on destressing, easily shared by a family around the table, is inspiring, comforting, and uniquely splendid when meaningful and uplifting communication is needed. What a gift when you want to alleviate pain, open hearts, and unite in the capturing of innocence lost.

-Wendy Lou

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