The fourth volume in the book series is about improving the quality of our daily living. It deals with more complex topics, such as the self, communication, handling children and adolescents, coping with change, and managing work and family life. It includes a chapter on inspiration. It terminates with a description of major points of view in psychology, including the biopsychosocial perspective. This reflects the integrative effort that I have taken in writing the book series. To better understand our psychology, we need to look both inside and around us, both at our bodies and our mind, both at our thoughts and our emotions, and both our bad habits and good ones. We all have core positives waiting to grow.

I hope you enjoy the book and invite you to read the rest of the series.



Table of Contents

Part 1

Chapter 21: Self Construction
Chapter 22: Communication, Part One
Chapter 23: Communication, Part Two
Chapter 24: Children
Chapter 25: Teenagers

Part 2

Chapter 26: Children?s Fears
Chapter 27: Work and Family
Chapter 28: Change
Chapter 29: Inspiration
Chapter 30: Causes of Behaviour

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