The third volume of the book series deals with negative emotions, such as worry and sadness, and specific emotional problems, such as drinking or dealing with pain. The volume moves from these negative and most basic emotions to positive ones, for it concludes with chapters on love and motivation, in particular. The main theme of this volume is that we can use emotions to our advantage, that emotions color all our activities, and that we can control. Them when they are negative. This third book in the book series concludes with a chapter on rewriting the stories that we tell about ourselves so that they are more positive

I hope you enjoy the book and invite you to read the rest of the series.




Table of Contents

Part 1

Chapter 11: Worry Wars
Chapter 12: Sadness or Sadless
Chapter 13: Abstain from Pain, Part One
Chapter 14: Abstain from Pain, Part Two
Chapter 15: Unfazed by Fear

Part 2

Chapter 16: Snap off Snappiness
Chapter 17: Drinking and Other Addictions
Chapter 18: Love
Chapter 19: Motivation
Chapter 20: Changing Our Story

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