This fifth volume presents two-dimensional artistic line drawings intended to relax and inspire. Many of the drawings are about nature and animals. Many are about people and family. I do these drawings quickly, illustrating that, with a single line or a series of lines, we can both express ourselves and relax in doing so. The accompanying text for this book emphasizes the role that we all have to play in helping nature survive. I added text related to nature and our need to protect and preserve it. By acting to save the planet, its habitats, its animals, and its plants, we engage in the best forms of destressin.

I hope you enjoy the book and invite you to read the rest of the series.




Table of Contents

Part 1

Chapter 31: Nature
Chapter 32: Birds
Chapter 33: Flowers
Chapter 34: Joy
Chapter 35: Couples

Part 2

Chapter 36: Families
Chapter 37: Energies
Chapter 38: Jerusalem Art
Chapter 39: Spiritual Art
Chapter 40: Meaning Art

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