The second volume is on destressing. This volume marks the beginning of the major use of therapeutic figures. In this volume, I explain basic concepts about stress and I explain behavioral techniques on how to distress. I emphasize various cognitive techniques, such as keeping our hope, optimism, and positive attitude. We learn that when confronted with stress, we have options in our behavior and we can be in control. I go on to explain that having some stress can be growth promoting and that we can learn to live effectively with it. This first book in the series concludes with a chapter on recovering stress is a start and dealing with it is our goal.

I hope you enjoy the book and invite you to read the rest of the series.



Table of Contents

Part 1

Chapter 1: Stress and Destressing
Chapter 2: Stress Control
Chapter 3: Relaxation Techniques
Chapter 4: How Stress Works
Chapter 5: The Basic Choice

Part 2

Chapter 6: The Ins and Outs of Choice
Chapter 7: Complexities in Choosing
Chapter 8: Think Choice
Chapter 9: Multiple Choice
Chapter 10: Recovering

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