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Groundedness Questionnaire

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Groundedness is critical for mental health. Here is a preliminary questionnaire with instructions that helps explain it and offers indications of what needs to be changed in your efforts in increasing it.


Stepping Up and Acting On

Vinny was not sure about anything. Everything was a question mark for him. He struggled to make the most basic decisions. He did not see where his life was going. He had a humdrum job and also went from one date to another. He began to hit the bottle.

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Changing Stresses, Blockages, Insecurities,
and Imbalances

The start of a new year can be a start of a new you, even if you begin small and slow. If you make realistic promises to yourself, they will be easier to realize. Moreover, you can always add others to fill them out along the way. You should treat each day as a new beginning, or start on that path. Read More

The Smallest of Lights Can Cast the Largest
of Shadows

How often have you heard the expression that she is a real light onto the world or he is such a bright light in the family? Being a light for other people does not mean that you are an outgoing, happy person but that you are a sensitive, caring person. You have a sensitive, caring side, but the stresses and the strains of the day could mask it. Read More



Be A BEMER. The influences on yourself are not only part environment and part genes, but also part you. So let your “you” play its part in deciding who you are, what you feel, what you do, and how you are with other people. Read More

Past, Presence, Future

What did Doctor Young mean? “Past, Presence, Future?” I think he said that it means that I should live more in the present and worry less about the future. Also, I should not have so many regrets about the past. My friend is worse than me, because she is worrying all the time. Read More


Keeping Control in Chaos

Chloe lashed out whenever she had any stress and even when she did not. Her father was like that, and she thought that she could never change. Moreover, it did give her space and respect, she thought, or was it that people were drawing back from her and were afraid to socialize with her? Her mind was a constant maelstrom of wild thoughts that came from nowhere and went everywhere. Read More

Powering Personal Change

Sarah wanted to change right away, and change everything at that. She sought advice from everyone, describing her problems endlessly. She tried many solutions, but her problems did not diminish. She was told to have patience and plan, but she could not even take that first step. Read More

Positive Society Psychology III

The time is early in the year 2050. Belinda feels that she is in a straight-jacket both at home and at work. She works hard in both, and feels that she is getting no rest. Read More


Positive Society Psychology II

In the prior blog entry, I have argued for the extension of positive psychology into the area of positive society psychology. In this second blog entry on the topic, I become more specific. (a) First, what are some practical ways that this new approach could be put into effect? Read More


Positive Society Psychology I

You are living in most troubling times. At the economical level, worldwide economic crises threaten your way of life and governments across the globe are incapable of quick fixes. At the political level, different regions are marked by discord and by wars large and small. Read More



By Teenagers

The way I understand time is not the same as that of my parents. They say “Soon,” but mean “Now;” and I say “Later,” but mean “Never,” or so it seems to them. What I really am saying to them is to “Chill,” because what they are asking me to do will get done once my mind clears. Read More


How to Raise Your Children Naturally

George just couldn’t. No matter how hard he tried, he could not sit still at the dinner table. The more he moved, the more his parents told him to sit still. The more they told him, the more he moved. Finally, they got so exasperated, they angrily told him to go to his room. He stayed there hours playing his video games. Read More


“It’s Cancer!” I Was Told

The words that I have cancer still resonate when the hematologist told me. The first response that I had was to ask, “How long do I have?” He answered that most likely I won’t need chemotherapy for a few years because it is a slow growth one. After the shock, I continued with my life as best I could. Read More

Pockets of Joy, Caverns of Purpose, Mountains of Hope

Shauna’s and Dave’s accident was so serious that the police had wondered how they could be alive. A tractor-trailer truck had been too close behind them when they had to stop suddenly to avoid an accident that was taking place in front of them on the highway. The huge vehicle rammed into them, going over the back seat of the car. Read More


Psychological Injury

Karen felt so depressed and traumatized. “Oh my, I do not know where to turn. I can’t smile anymore. My co-workers are wondering. My daughter worries and tries to cheer me up. I cry for no reason. I wasn’t this way before the accident. Why did that kid run in front of my car? I keep dreaming about it, how they tried to save him. Read More


The Self and the Other: Finding Balance

Jennie had it with her parents. They wanted her to stay home, not go out with her friends because they were not like young people back home. She was 21 and wanted more freedom. She wanted her parents to trust her. Junior had too much to do at home, as his parents were so busy. He longed for the time he could do just what he wanted. Read More


Students of the World

We are all students of the world. First, we are all students no matter what our age. We live in a learning laboratory that is life. We are exposed to the best teachers – experience and each other. Read More



Unifying the Divide Within

Winning is everything. Good guys finish last. May the best team win. Champions are built on teamwork. These are some of the proverbs that reflect the universal tension between behaving as an individual to get ahead and blending into a group to get ahead. Read More


The Making and Unmaking of the Self

Jonah was in search of his identity. He was proud of his masculine side, but he wondered why he did not attract partners to share his ambition to raise a large family, he even travels extensively for work. While Tricia felt confident in her self, she was embarking on a new career and had serious self-doubts about whether she would succeed. Read More




I Love Science and Science Loves Me

Science is a way of thinking and being. It is the application of our critical thought processes in an effort to understand the world around us, using scientific methods. Science might be divided into disciplines such as physics, psychology, and biology, but it really is a unity. It is constantly being built by rigorous thought and research, so that it is a reflection of ourselves. Read More


The Multiple Parts of the Self

No matter what happens, you remain the leader of the growth of your self, and can find new ways, paths, and joys. Dim the lights of the stage so that you can start the next scene in the growth of your self and its parts. Read More


Sex in Mutuality

Bill loved women, but the wrong way. He spoke endlessly about love, about himself, and everything that interested him, but he never asked his dates what they thought. The sharing of mutual psychological growth in your couple could help promote the best and deepest feelings in sex in both partners. Read More


Sportingthon: Giving Hope

It is so rewarding being a rehabilitation psychologist, but it is disheartening when I see a shortage in funding. Maybe this idea will help. Please let me know. Read More



Making St. Valentine’s Day Last

St. Valentine’s day happens once per year, but in one way or another its spirit should animate your relationship every day. Read More



Nature, Nurture, and Nobly Leading the Way

We need a more refined understanding of behavioral development – one that includes ourselves as a factor in the mix of causes that help our behavior develop. Getting to where we aim to go depends not on the quality of the tools that we bring to the task but on the quality of the person that the task brings out in us. Read More




Ten Principles of Psychotherapy: Building Hope

Imagine a mental health professional starting the first session with a new patient. The patient could describe extremely difficult problems to the therapist, or those problems as described by the patient might be just touching the surface and mask extremely difficult issues out of awareness of the patient. Read More


How to Reclaim Happiness

Sally felt empty. Was anyone listening to her? John felt lost and depressed. Would he ever feel happy? Despite his good marks, Stan felt he had no future. Terri was worried about her relationship because her previous ones ended quickly. Jim was angry that things were not going his way. These are the stories that people tell me in my practice. Read More


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